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Public intervention, various locations around Cambridge, October 2016
(still from trailer by J Howard) Art Language Location 2016

Until Further Notice claims a situation that will not change until another announcement is made:
at once undermining its outlook but not without hope. Until Further Notice suspends our trajectories.
It draws on the state of things by indicating both an urgency and possibility. The work was on tour
across Cambridge, in parks and woodlands, at stations and crossings, places of education and
community and formed an itinerary.

Watch ALL2016 trailer by Jonnie Howard
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Reel time, social drawing, single channel video, 1:38min on loop
still presentation for MFA Interim show 2016, Goldsmiths University

The locality is one of many London’s neighbourhoods with a school anchor that forms social
rituals and politics of school runs – at once embedded in broader issues such as conditioning
through education and 24/7 supervised childhoods locked in a domesticated agenda.
Meanwhile, the streets and greens are left empty, the children’s horizons deflated. The film follows
a ‘nearby’ proximity which children would normally experience self-reliantly on their own. Here,
the logic is addressed playfully in format of a social drawing. The rotatory device moves around
playfully and freely, in and out of reality, winding up; touching on work vs. play. The film’s scale and
details follow a childlike view: colours and textures of the immediate passed by surrounding such as
the pavement, bricked walls, grass and fences. With no set beginning or end the viewer can start
watching at any point. Intentionally, the video has no commentary or visible human intervention,
just ordinary ambient sounds. However, most emphasised are the screaming children when passing
by the school: it’s their call!  Avoiding a didactic format, the film is not spelling all out, instead it lets
the perceptual qualities unfold; animated and context-specific.